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ABIGAIL A., 2009

Based on an early 1800s Andreas Voit doll

Abigail is my rendition of an early Voit child doll, created from an original Voit papier-maché doll head from the early 1800s. She is a large doll, standing 33 inches tall, and capable of sitting nicely. In typical Voit style, she has brownish green eyes and soft brown swirled curls on her molded hair.

Abigail is dressed in a lovely deep-blue reproduction nineteenth-century fabric and is wearing actual vintage shoes. She holds her very own cloth ball made of vintage coverlet.

~ SOLD ~

About Andreas Voit

Andreas Voit was among the earliest German makers of papier-maché dolls. He was a prominent Thuringian-period doll maker ~ named for the Thuringia Forest in Germany where he created his dolls from 1806 until his death in 1837. His factory there employed about fifty craftsmen and continued manufacturing dolls after he passed on.

Voit used wax models to create his extraordinary maché doll heads. Many of the heads Voit made were sold to dollmakers in Paris, who created bodies and clothed them in the latest fashions.

Today Voit dolls are highly prized by collectors for their unique and delicate beauty.

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